Read this before you let another developer ruin your eCommerce website

I’ve been a Freelance Worpress Developer for 11+ years and have built an eCommerce WordPress Site with Woocommerce Plugin for more than 4 years.

I have seen a lot of stories in which hiring a web developer ruins your business, your website, and even get a lawsuit.

It’s the era of the Internet and hiring a website developer is very easy with freelancing platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr.

With just a few clicks and Skype calls, you can hire a website developer for only $100 from India, and China, and in 3 days, you can get an e-commerce site.

However, not all the story about hiring a website developer is good because it is just only the promise to deliver the website.

You may get a terrible website and you cannot do anything because the freelancer is not from the US!

You do not want to hire another developer to fix or update your website because it may be expensive to fix.

Bought Company a Lawsuit

Culminate Digital Consulting Firm, got a lawsuit and a drawback to the company’s reputation.

Karrie and her team found a group of freelance web developers to estimate and build the new site for their client.

The freelance group made an offer with two conditions:

  • They will develop the website in Drupal 8
  • They must be paid by the hour
Karrie decided to trust the freelance group and assume that they are experts in Drupal 8, so she signed a contract with them. 
After 2 weeks, she does not see any results but noticed that they were paying invoice after invoice. 
She called the developers and they reassured her that the project is a bit complicated. And they were working on it.
Karrie decided to give them another chance, and the freelance group can not deliver the website.
Eventually, she decided to call in another development team to audit the work and hire an attorney to fight bills for hours that weren’t worked.
These developers just ruin Karrie’s website and cost her a lot of money and time.
Why not just have it done right from the beginning?
So, here are the three things you need to check when hiring a developer for your eCommerce store: 


Who have they worked with?
How long have they been doing it?
Are they an expert in building an eCommerce website with WooCommerce?
Would you really trust your business with someone oversea because they are a bit cheaper?


Does your freelancer specialize in the exact thing you need to be done? Are you sure they offer you the best technology to build your online store website?
I’ll just tell you from the Expert Ecommerce Developer standpoint…
You don’t want someone who’s never done this before.
You don’t want someone build a static website, blogging website, or service website to build a website to sell your products or your services.
It’s one of the “many” services they offer, so they are not specialists.
You want to hire a specialist.

Technology Stack

If you hire any developer to build your website, they may not use the right or popular technology.

What technology they are using to build your eCommerce website?

Can you update your website after they finished building your website?

Can you add products to the website?

Is it easy to hire another developer to update or fix your website in the future?


So, what do my clients say about our ecommerce web design service?


“I worked with Tom both times for our business web design, and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced such fast responses and efficiency when dealing with a business.

Their work is not only fast but very accurate and always with attention to their client’s needs.” Jacob

“Tom is very responsive to our needs and makes all website updates quickly and efficiently.

I highly recommend USA Web Design to Orange County Company for all of your website and design needs because the price is so affordable!” Matt


I specialize in Woocommerce & WordPress Websites


I specialize in Woocommerce Plugin to build WordPress Ecommerce Site.

I’m currently working on 2 eCommerce sites for my clients and helping them to establish their business sites in the beauty industry, which increase traffic to more than a million organic searches and double their revenue in 3 years.

I’ve worked with popular Plugins for Ecommerce: Woocommerce, Elementor, Creative Mail, Yoast SEO, Jet Pack, and Cloudflare to help previous clients to sale their products online.

If you want to sell your products online, grow your business, and list your services, I can help.

Even if you want to create a whole online store, I can manage and build it from start to finish.

My WordPress e-Commerce Skills


Ecommerce WordPress Website: WordPress power more than 35% of all websites which is 455 million websites so I can help you build an eCommerce site for your business.

Woocommerce Plugin: It is the best eCommerce plugin and free. Has been used by: Forbes, Unicef, Pinterest, etc…

Elementor: Page building plugin so you’re not tied to me for minor updates when you need updates in the future and you can edit and tweak your site with a drop-and-drop interface whenever you want.

Google Analytics: Implement it to keep track of your eCommerce site with a lot of information.

Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

In addition, I will share with you all the marketing, and SEO strategies to help your eCommerce site to grow traffics.

I have learned these strategies to use Google tools and SEO tools to rank your site.

How I Work


When you hire me, here’s what we would do:

1. First, click the “Contact Us” button to contact us to your project.

2. Once we receive your request, I’ll look it over and see if it’s a good fit for my skillset and respond within 24 hours.

3. I’ll walk through any questions I have to prepare a plan for building your eCommerce site.

Timeline, tasks, schedule, delivery, and anything else I think we need to cover.

So, if that all sound good and you need a Woocommerce & WordPress eCommerce Developer in building a website for small and medium-sized businesses, why not hire me.

Looking forward to getting your eCommerce Site online!

Just click the “Contact Us” button and we can start!

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